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Our goal is to help spread the Da'wah of Ahl-us-Sunnah-wal-Jama'aah far and wide as well as to educate others and ourselves. We wish to impress upon the Muslims the importance of the call and return to the Qur'aan and Authentic Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم), to his Aqeedah and Manhaj as followed by the pious predecessors, the appreciation and love for it, and the respect and love those who propagate it



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Adoption in Islaam - Its Ruling & Conditions


[Q]: If such abortion is impermissible, would it be permissible for her after delivering the child to offer up this child for adoption to a family that will take care of this child? And if this is permissible then what are the rulings that surround and govern this adoption. May Allaah reward you Shaykh.

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Abortion Due to Fear of Poverty


[Q]: O Shaykh the question is in regards to a woman who says that she got preganant and has now reached one month of pregnancy. She claims that due to poverty, she wants to get an abortion. What is the ruling regarding this?

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Qur’aan According To Modern Theories

There are some risks involved in interpreting the Qur’aan according to modern theories. That is because, if we interpret the Qur’aan according to those theories, then other theories are produced which contradict them, this implies that the Qur’aan will be incorrect in the view of the enemies of Islam. The Muslims would say that the error is in the understanding of the one who interpreted the Qur’aan in that manner, but the enemies of Islam are always watching for an opportunity to attack Islam. Hence we must exercise the utmost caution against rushing into interpreting the Qur’aan according to these scientific matters. 

We must leave these alone and let matters take their course. If it is proven that some of these theories are correct, we do not need to say that the Qur’aan has already proven it, the Qur’aan was revealed for the purpose of worship and moral, and for people to ponder its meanings. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

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